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SaluSpa Parts and Accessories

Looking to extend the life and enjoyment of your SaluSpa inflatable hot tub? Look no further than the official selection of parts and accessories! Whether you need to replace a worn filter cartridge, upgrade your relaxation with a cup holder, or simply keep the water sparkling clean, we’ve got everything you need.

Essential Parts:

  • Filter Cartridges: Maintain crystal-clear water with genuine SaluSpa filter cartridges, designed specifically for your model.
  • Heater Pump: Keep the soothing warmth going with a replacement heater pump if yours needs replacing.

Enhance Your Soak:

  • Spa Care Kit: Take the guesswork out of maintenance with a handy kit that includes a spa cleaner, scum net, and more.
  • Drink Holder Tray: Relax and enjoy a refreshing beverage with a convenient cup holder that attaches to the side of your hot tub.
  • Waterfall Feature with LED Lights: Create a tranquil ambiance with a cascading waterfall that features calming multicolor lights.

And More!

From durable inflatable covers to keep your spa protected to handy high-pressure pumps for inflation, you’ll find everything you need to create a luxurious and hassle-free hot tub experience.

Shop with confidence:

  • Genuine SaluSpa parts designed for optimal performance.
  • Keep your hot tub running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Enhance your relaxation and enjoyment.

So don’t let a missing part or accessory take the fizz out of your fun. Browse the SaluSpa parts and accessories collection today and get ready to experience hot tub bliss!

SaluSpa Filter Cartridge

The SaluSpa Filter Cartridge is your inflatable hot tub’s secret weapon for clean, refreshing water. This essential accessory traps dirt and debris, keeping your spa sparkling and inviting.

  • Crystal Clear Water: The filter cartridge ensures a clean and healthy spa environment for you and your loved ones.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simply replace the cartridge regularly (as recommended by Bestway) for optimal performance.
  • Designed for SaluSpas: This genuine Bestway product ensures perfect compatibility with your inflatable hot tub model.

Don’t let a dirty filter ruin your spa experience. Replace yours with a SaluSpa Filter Cartridge today!

Our recommended list of filter cartridges for your saluspa hot tub

SaluSpa cleaning kit

Maintain a sparkling oasis with the SaluSpa Cleaning Kit, your one-stop shop for effortless hot tub maintenance.

This handy kit includes all the essentials for keeping your spa clean and inviting:

  • Skimmer Net: Effortlessly scoop up floating leaves, insects, and debris.
  • Scrub Brush: Gently remove dirt and grime from your spa’s surface for a polished look.
  • Scrubbing Mitt: Reach those hard-to-clean spots along the waterline for a complete clean.

Enjoy the Benefits:

  • Effortless Maintenance: This kit provides everything you need for a quick and efficient cleaning routine.
  • Sparkling Clean Water: Maintain a healthy and inviting spa environment for worry-free soaking.
  • Prolongs Spa Life: Regular cleaning with the SaluSpa Cleaning Kit helps keep your hot tub in top condition.

Relax and unwind in a clean and refreshing spa paradise with the SaluSpa Cleaning Kit!

The list we recommend of SaluSpa Cleaning Kit!

SaluSpa Hot Tub Covers

Keep the Heat In, the Debris Out: SaluSpa Hot Tub Covers

Protect your inflatable hot tub investment and maintain sparkling water with a genuine SaluSpa hot tub cover.

  • Energy Savings: The insulated design helps retain heat, reducing energy costs to keep your spa warm and ready to use.
  • Weather Protection: Durable materials shield your spa from rain, snow, sun, and wind, extending its lifespan.
  • Cleanliness Champion: The cover acts as a barrier, keeping leaves, dirt, and debris from contaminating your spa water.
  • Safety First: Provides an extra layer of safety by preventing accidental falls into the tub, especially important for families with young children or pets.

Choose the Perfect Fit: SaluSpa offers a variety of cover sizes to ensure compatibility with your specific hot tub model.

Invest in a SaluSpa hot tub cover and enjoy the benefits of a clean, energy-efficient, and protected spa experience!

SaluSpa Accessories

Upgrade your inflatable hot tub experience with genuine SaluSpa parts and accessories! We offer everything you need to keep your spa running smoothly, enhance your comfort, and create a personalized oasis.

Don’t settle for a basic soak. Explore the world of SaluSpa parts and accessories and transform your hot tub into a haven of comfort and tranquility!

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